Reclaim your voice

The English verb 'to reclaim' means to regain, reclaim. It can also be translated with protesting, or on the right path. This refers to our protest against the current policy of sexual abuse in the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. The name of our foundation can be translated as 'regained votes': we offer people with abuse experiences who are tired (s) of silence to regain their own voice and to speak out.

It is the stories of these companions of experience with Jehovah's Witnesses who denounce the abuses. We cannot do anything without their courage. Their voices indicate real meaning Reclaimed Voices!

What can you do?

Foundation Reclaimed Voices advocates a policy change with Jehovah's Witnesses and awareness of the seriousness of the problem with the government: children must be able to grow up safely. Do you help us realize our objective? This can be done, for example, by financially supporting the foundation with a donation. In addition, the foundation works with volunteers and experiential experts who consider it important that children can grow up safely and happily. You do not have to be sexually abused to do anything! You only need empathy to show out your neck for children!


Reclaim Your Voice: Abuse Survivors Speak Out