Frank Huiting broke his silence at Jehovah's Witnesses

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Ex-Jehovah's Witness Frank Huiting (39) experienced a double coming out this year. He told anonymously in Trouw about the abuse in his youth, but later revealed himself to be able to help others.

Frank Huiting opens the newspaper at 22 July with bags under his eyes. His story is in it. How he was abused by the Jehovah's Witnesses and how no one helped him then. He leafs through until he sees an illustration: a big shadow walks with a toilet roll in his hand behind a boy on the stairs. It is so confrontational that he closes the paper. The shame he feels is too big.

Now, half a year later, Huiting calls that day in July his 'liberation day'. With emotion on his face, he looks for metaphors: as if he were taking off a coat, wearing a mask. "I realized in the week after that the abuse is still part of my life. I have processed the trauma, but then pushed it away. That has not been good, "he says.

Huitings story was part of a series of articles in Trouw about the internal legal system with which the Jehovah's Witnesses deal with abuse. From the age of five to the age of seven, he was abused by an older boy who came to the Bible with his parents. When this boy 'read aloud' to him, he took a toilet roll with him.


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