Sexual Abuse with Jehovah's Witnesses - Backgrounds and Recommendations


Sexual abuse with Jehovah's Witnesses is a problem. To understand this problem, information is needed about the background of this religious organization, about their policies and about the religious beliefs that play a role. This report is intended to provide information about this in a concise manner. The first and fourth chapters concern largely translated material from reports from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse of Australia, a commission of inquiry that has investigated how various institutions deal with situations involving sexual abuse, including the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses investigated. The second chapter seeks to provide insight into the procedures surrounding sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses. Some quotes from victims emphasize this policy and what it did to them. The third chapter incorporates the recommendations from the Deetman Committee's report and attempts to clarify to what extent Jehovah's Witnesses can do something about the recommendations in question and how they might respond to them in order not to need them. The final chapter is about our Foundation Reclaimed Voices, about the origins, our mission and the goals we pursue. The responsibility for the first four chapters lies with Aswin Suierveld, the last chapter is by Raymond Hintjes.

We hope to contribute to a better understanding of the issue of sexual abuse in Jehovah's Witnesses.

January 2018,

Raymond Hintjes Religious scientist and chairman Reclaimed Voices
Aswin Suierveld Theologian and general board member Reclaimed Voices

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Sexual Abuse with Jehovah's Witnesses - Backgrounds and Recommendations

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