"Jehovah's Witnesses Keep Abuse Reports"

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According to RTL News, there are "dozens and possibly hundreds of" reports of abuse cases in church archives. According to the Public Prosecutor, no declarations have yet been made.

The organization of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Netherlands keeps records of accusations of child sexual abuse within the Church. According to RTL News call on victims to transfer the documents to the Public Prosecutor for fear that evidence is lost.

According to RTL News it concerns reports of "dozens and possibly hundreds" of cases that are "withheld" in archives of the organization Jehovah's Witnesses. This would include confessions of perpetrators.

Abuse cases with Jehovah's Witnesses would usually be dealt with internally by their own 'courts', which consist of 'elders', executives within the church. Punishments within those 'courts' are mild, at most exile from the church.

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