6 October 2018: Peacefully silent protest

The Agenda

Invitation Silent Protest

Foundation Reclaimed Voices organizes a peaceful protest in which she wants to reflect on the consequences of sexual child abuse within (closed) religious communities.

The reason for this protest is the preparation of the administration of the Jehovah's Witnesses who dismisses complaints of abuse within their community as incidents. They do not want to cooperate in research because according to them this would be disproportionate and comparable to "shooting a cannonball on a mosquito" (DvhN 7-7-2018).

Within the Catholic Church, it is unfortunately not better to say that victims, often underage, were pressured to remain silent. According to a victim, the 'predators' held hands above the head. "(Volkskrant, 14-8-2018).

Sexual child abuse is a social problem that is maintained by adults who keep silent, look away or fail to act.

It's time to do something about it!

Foundation Reclaimed Voices invites you to show together on 6 October and hear that things have to change. This invitation applies to victims, family, friends and everyone else who supports the goal of this protest.

Reclaimed Voices has developed a worthy program that fits the purpose of this protest. For example, music and symbols will be used to consider people who are confronted with sexual abuse within (closed) religious communities. There will also be room to express your sadness, anger or concern in your own appropriate / dignified manner. This is possible, for example, by displaying a banner or protest sign. Furthermore, a manifesto will be handed over to the mayor of Emmen, who has promised to receive this manifesto.

Because the location of this protest offers some space for 200 people, we kindly request you to sign up for this protest.

This can be done via: info@reclaimedvoices.org
or on the Facebook page of this event: https://www.facebook.com/events/618082698591792/

We would like to ask every participant of the protest to bring a small gift and leave it behind in support of someone who has been sexually abused, for example in the form of a card, a poem or in your own creative way.

Abuse victims or their family and friends are invited to take home one of these small gifts for support.

Location: Emmen, parking (near Noordbargerstraat 77)
Date and time: 6 October 2018 of 14.00 - 16.00


13.30 Collect on location
14:00 Opening
14.05 Welcome word
Explanation and handover Manifesto
14.20 Reaction mayor of Oosterhout from the municipality of Emmen
14.25 Free space to express your grief, anger, etc ... in your own way ...
Explanation silent protest
Silent protest
Reactions to the silent protest
Free space to express your grief, anger, etc ... in your own way ...
Final word
Dilana Smith sings her song Behind Closed Doors

Invitation to protest in pdf format: invitation silent protest


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