Sometimes things happen in the present (*)


Sometimes things happen in the present
making you back in the past.
The whole movie will pass you by again,
Caught by pain instead of being happy.
The scars of your soul that affect your daily life,
Afraid to trust or give your heart once again,
Every day try to start with a smile on your face,
Your attention focused on other things,
Some people want you to explain it, but they are not going to understand you,
because only you know the pain and the blows,
Once there comes another moment when you rise above yourself,
That your heart is filled with love and positivity gets more influence.

(*) This poem is written by Nathan Wiersma for his sister Hadassah. This poem wanted Hadassah read aloud during the Silent Protest on 6 October 2018. Unfortunately that did not work because of the emotions that were present at that moment.

One thought on "Sometimes things happen in the present (*)"

  • These are loving and concerned words of a brother who sees his sister suffering. Not being understood is perhaps the worst. You try to live with it but the dark feeling keeps coming back and has to be fought over and over again. It is a lonely fight. It gives some relief to know that you are not alone. That there are people who can sense what you are going through. That gives comfort and makes you stronger. Thank you for this beautiful poem; every word is right.

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