There are (*)


Do you remember,
that shy, quiet girl in your class?
You did not know exactly what,
but was sure that er what was with me.

I remember,
you asked something er was going on with me,
but I was silent,
and every day you took me out of the classroom again this way.

You asked,
I did not say anything,
you watched homework in silence,
I emptied the cup of tea deposited for me.

We is now 30 years later,
you kept asking questions, you made time for me
I started to tell slowly,
and you fought for me.

Did you go to the police, did you seek help?
No, you fought through me er just te is,
to listen, to be silent,
never to leave,
and when I went myself,
you always stayed there,
so that I could find you blindly
when everything became too dark again.

Er is,
so simple.
Present is, do not exert pressure,
set limits, listen,
pay attention to the child,
let them know that he or she is okay,
let you know that you will never be the one is that will go away.

Like that teacher, that's what I want is.
Er is for those who are hurt, broken,
damaged, broken is.
A simple word, a hug,
a ticket, a cup of tea ...
Er is,
it's that simple,
the most valuable thing we as a victim
if necessary.
Er is,
it can make the difference of giving up or fighting.

I am er for you,
are you er for me?

(*) These words were spoken by Astrid during the silent protest on 6 October 2018.
The most essential thing you can do if you have a 'gut feeling' in a child who has 'gut feeling' ... Simply: Being There!
This is the message that Astrid would like to share with everyone in society.

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