Stupid dogs


by the Speaking Witness (*)

'Stay vigilant' is the title of one of the last short lectures on JW Broadcasting. The theme is not exactly unknown for every (ex-) Jehovah's witness. That's how it was in 2009 theme text of the congress of Jehovah's Witnesses and repeated the theme after all these years into all sorts of lectures, videos and reading material. Gary Breaux, helper of the service committee, released last month video to once again see clearly what the Watchtower is primarily concerned with. According to Breaux, people today do not understand what is happening around them. To explain this, he makes a connection between Isaiah 56: 10, where the Bible speaks of the leaders of Judah and the current conduct of leaders within Christendom. Just as the guards in Judah, according to the Bible, did not notice anything, were blind and were therefore called mute dogs who could not bark, so are the current spiritual leaders unable to help people understand what danger they are running, according to Breaux, alluding to Armageddon. At that moment of the lecture, Breaux apparently finds it appropriate to place these stupid dogs in front of 'Jehovah's guards'. The conclusion is obviously made quickly, the slave class fulfills its task in a great way.

Apart from the fact that I always wonder how such breast beating is in proportion with the biblical exhortation to remain humble, I find this condescendingly pointing at other religions. I think the Bible teaches us that we are never have to compare with others en no competition spirit must cultivate.

In any case, Breaux concludes in his lecture that we should in any case not be like those 'stupid dogs'. Breaux therefore rightly wonders whether 'our' inner dog 'still barks. Here, however, we must not make the mistake of thinking that he is with the word eleven refers to its own organization. Finally, he has just found that the slave class has always helped us to remain vigilant and has always been a good example.

Breaux means that a night watchman can not afford to undertake anything when he detects a leak. In that case, the damage could become enormous. He very rightly concludes that seeing something and doing nothing is not an option. At the slightest deviation from Jehovah's moral standards, that inner dog who is going to bark in us must take action and take action.

In the meantime, numerous leaks have been detected worldwide within the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. Ironically, the biggest damage to these leaks after the 2009 Stay Watchful Congress came to the surface. The most recent has deeply embarrassed the society. In Montana more than 30 million of the society was demanded for the benefit of a sexually abused woman.

The leaks themselves are of course not entirely preventable. Unfortunately you can find pedophiles and rapists in every major organization. It is undeniable that in all those leakage cases of the Watchtower the night watchmen on duty refused to intervene when they saw how some of their sisters and brothers had the water on their lips. They were also deaf and blind to the recommendations that the Australian Royal Commission they did more than two years ago because of the sad observation that more than a thousand cases of sexual abuse had not been reported to the judicial authorities. Soon we can hope in the Netherlands that with the forthcoming independent investigation into the abuse policy of the Witnesses the local cesspit may be opened even more.

No dog of the guards in the Governing Body who barking or growling for the time being. The rigid policy with regard to sexual abuse, which is mainly aimed at keeping one's own streets clean at the expense of the victims and for the benefit of the perpetrators, has been proliferating for decades. Still, when trying to identify abuse cases in their own branches, they try to do everything possible. to do justice outside the door and protect perpetrators. Crucial files are either destroyed in time or simply not handed over to the legal privilege, however legally unstable this may be.

Released last year policy document where the society makes a failed attempt to save his face does not change anything, although you could detect a slight improvement in it.

With the current policy the Governing Body cherishes a great leak that is deliberately kept out of sight of the media and even of the vast majority of their own brothers and sisters. This allows the leak to seep through quietly and relentlessly. It can still cause enormous damage and destroy lives forever. So please let us use that Breaux's inner dog and continue barking until the last leak is sealed.

The Speaking Witness is an active Jehovah's witness who is connected to one of the local congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Netherlands. He is critical of how Jehovah's Witnesses react to the media reports about sexual abuse and shows that there are also people in the organization who believe that the subject of sexual abuse should be dealt with differently.

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One thought on "Stupid dogs"

  • How many times have I heard it: wandering the herd is like a dog returning to its own vomit. This image always called me disgust, and that was exactly the intention.

    Every JG has been carefully trained by the Watchtower to protect the organization, always, and at all costs. As a loyal dog, he will follow his boss everywhere and defend him to death. He is even willing to sacrifice his children for this purpose. A dog that is no longer a waakzaak, or show rebellious behavior is a direct danger to the group and will be bumped out of the herd as quickly as possible.
    And so JWOrg will always deal with abuses internally and on their terms. It is simply the nature of the creature. It is therefore up to the authorities to assert their power here as well. It can not and must not be that in the guise of religion you can play judge for yourself!

    Incidentally, very nice that there is now a reaction possibility.

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