A 'hetze' and 'a scream foundation'? - a new letter to Michel van Hilten


Dear Michel,

You will undoubtedly be very busy, so I will try to keep it as short as possible. I know that as a press officer of a national organization you can not always say everything you think or think. It would not surprise me if you were not happy with your recent media performance RTV Drenthe.

Phrases such as 'we do not recognize ourselves in the numbers' and then 'we do not keep statistics, but we think the number that is called by the foundation is very much', are not very convincing. You call all media attention on the subject of Jehovah's Witnesses and sexual abuse a smear, "because it has been made bigger than we can see here." What exactly do you mean by that Michel? Do you really think that if the head office in Emmen finds nothing disturbing in the field of sexual abuse, then there is little to worry about? Have you sincerely taken the trouble to enter into a dialogue with 'that screaming foundation' with its biased position and really tried to get the facts? (Proverbs 18: 13 says something nice about that).

Anyway, I already had one last summer open letter written on this theme, but it seems to me that it would not hurt to get that letter out of the archive again.

Finally, I would like to point out that a sister last week wrote some 200 kingdom halls in the Netherlands to inform the different elders by means of a letter of fire.

This letter was already published on the website of Reclaimed Voices and was already eagerly shared. I strongly encourage you to read this letter as well, for it shows abundantly that downplaying the problem as you have repeatedly done it now is the fastest way to pull brothers and sisters away from the organization and make them inactive. In that sense you can take an example from 'our' Babylonian counterpart from Rome, who eventually, after having bickering for a long time, wants to face the facts.

Repressive measures taken by the organization to silence critical noises about this issue have so far only led to even more negative publicity and 'apostasy'.

It is too late for smoothing, Michel, far too late.

So stop using the ventriloquist for an organization that has proven itself in this area no longer have the confidence of 'Caesar'  and an ever-growing number of members.

Yours faithfully,

the speaking Witness (*)

 * De Speaking Witness is an active Jehovah's witness who is connected to one of the local congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Netherlands. He is critical of how Jehovah's Witnesses react to the media reports about sexual abuse and shows that there are also people in the organization who believe that the subject of sexual abuse should be dealt with differently.

Blogs from the Speaking Witness express the personal opinion of the author. This personal opinion does not automatically correspond with the opinion of the board of Stichting Reclaimed Voices.


  • I have to "record" it for Michel. He is a member of the "Orders of full-time servants" and has had to make a statement of Obedience. This statement is also intentionally signed by the person himself. Obedience to an organization: not to God! So he can't help it.
    Read the book: captives of an illusion, by don Cameron.

    Please be anonymous !!!

  • Years ago I worked for Michel van Hilten.
    Van Hilten senior also worked there at the time. I can remember that female colleagues, especially young girls (advisers in their early 20s), said that Van Hilten senior gave them a bad feeling. Whenever he had to explain something to them, he kept rubbing their backs with his hands (nowadays this would fall under the category “Me too”!) I think I should report this anyway.

  • Mt 13:15 For the heart of this people has become unresponsive, and with their ears they have heard without responding, and have closed their eyes, that they should never see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and hear understand its meaning and return, AND I WOULD MAKE THEM Sane❗️

    It is true that not everything is said and written about JG in society and media, but what concerns this issue and how it is dealt with is a life-size problem that the organization just does not want to see.

    Your attitude and behavior is also indicative of other internal matters that do not conform to biblical principles.
    I myself have received a great deal of Bible knowledge from this Organization, but I have also become increasingly aware that there is often also a huge gap between theory and practice and the application of what can be considered good and healthy teaching.

    That many publishers are not treated well, or themselves badly, and often not acted on biblical principles or their own protocols.

    I can write a book from my own experience and from what I have experienced very closely.
    The negative and what is structurally wrong and ignored is increasingly going to overshadow the positive. You are blind to that and you start accusing others that you yourself are guilty of.

    A lot of money is lost in court cases where things are rightly brought against you.
    The person who can no longer keep his mouth shut about this is excluded as an apostate.
    Ezekiel 34 describes very well what your ship is going to do. JW-Org is sometimes compared to Noah's Ark, but I believe the Titanic will advance sooner. Similar to Israel at the time of Jesus Christ on earth.

    You have sat down on his right-hand seat and you have probably started to weed "weeds". (John 16: 1-3).

    Jesus later Stephen and many others were also labeled by God organization as "weeds" and apostates.

    Everything that does not fit in your street and no longer wants to tidy up is called "apostates".

    The following verses from Jer 23: 21-32 also apply to you in my opinion.
    I can substantiate that opinion with enough facts if there is genuine interest there.
    I suspect these (false) statements you made here will fall back on your head. All the more because you claim to be the only organization led by God's Spirit.

    Did the priests and scholars of Pharisees not say anything similar to Jahuscha Ha Maschiach (Jesus Christ), did not act in a similar way as you do now by considering and excluding sincere witnesses as apostates (John 16: 1-3) ❓ people who see what is crooked and reveal this. Can't keep their mouth shut for great injustice and learn that. Something right (1914 for example) ❓

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