Survey independant investigation by Utrecht University is active


Dear (Dutch) reader,

as you may have heard through the media or our internet channels, Utrecht University is commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security to conduct an independent investigation into how Jehovah's Witnesses deal with complaints of sexual abuse.

This investigation is the result of a motion unanimously adopted by the House of Representatives. Reclaimed Voices has made an effort by speaking to politicians who eventually drafted this motion.

Now the University of Utrecht would like to hear background stories of people who have had to deal with abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses. They also like to hear from people who know about someone else who has been abused. The stories can be shared anonymously with the university, but you can also decide to leave your name and contact details if you wish.

All information will be treated confidentially by the University of Utrecht and these stories will NOT be shared with others.

As chairman of Reclaimed Voices, I would like to ask you to consider cooperating with this investigation. In this way you make an important contribution to the research. The survey of this investigation can be found via this link:

You can decide for yourself which information you want to share with the University and what not!

Thanks for your cooperation.

best regards,

on behalf of the board of Reclaimed Voices,

Raymond Hintjes

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