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Dear people, we have decided it in the near future Reclaimed Voices take it easy. Now that Utrecht University research is underway, no urgent action is currently required. When the results of the investigation are known in the autumn, we will consider further steps.

After an intensive period of two years, we notice that we really need time for ourselves. This is partly because we have recently received several messages in which people start from their own assumptions and expect appropriate action from us. We have our own mission and goals. Some people seem to have certain expectations about us that are inconsistent with these. We understand that people have feelings and desires of their own when it comes to Jehovah's Witnesses. However, it takes energy and we experience it as depressing when disappointment or anger because of not meeting an expectation pattern is taken out on us.  

Of course there will always be people who disagree our method of action or have other ideas with it. Everyone is free to take their own actions, apart from us. However, we will not deviate from our way of acting, which has everything to do with the values ​​that we consider important and derives from our knowledge and experience.

We are also working on our own plans for the future. In our collaboration as Reclaimed Voices the three of us learned a lot and went through a growth process together. We have gained more insight into the complex interplay between the religious context, the closeness of the group and the experience of sexual abuse. We also observe that various parties lack knowledge and insight in the field of religion, philosophy and life questions.

We will establish a new partnership in the near future. We want to focus professionally on providing information through presentations, workshops and guest lectures, as well as on conducting conversations about (loss of) meaning. These activities will be offered as a paid service and are separate from Reclaimed Voices. We want to further develop these plans in the coming period.

We hope for your understanding that we will take it slower in the coming period. If there is news in between we will of course share it with you via our Social Media channels. Furthermore, we naturally look forward to the results of Utrecht University.

We wish you a nice summer!

Frank, Raymond and Aswin.


  • You have done a lot of good. You deserve a rest. Some other people do not understand the pressure it puts on you. If other people want to make complaint or protest let them do it their own way. You have done enough. I am in England. We are still waiting for results from investigations. The IICSA should be investigating the Jehovah's Witnesses here in the UK. It all takes time. Thank you for the work you have done. John.

  • Very well that RV makes a step in place and continues to orient itself on several additional activities.
    And above all… you have deserved a summer break.

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