Thank you for all the statements of support


The last few days have been very hectic for us. Who would have thought that the publication of a scientific report would be fought in court? We have seen and felt much anger and frustration, but also support.
We have received many cordial, sweet and moving responses. We feel very much strengthened by this. Our mission has never been to cast the Jehovah's Witnesses in a bad light. Our goal was and still is to stand up for the safety of children, even if they are members of a group such as Jehovah's Witnesses. In addition, we are committed to recognizing victims. We hope that the publication of the research report will contribute to this.

We can imagine how disturbing the content of this report is to active Jehovah's Witnesses. In our press statement we indicate that we are still open to a discussion with the board. Of course, we also want to be open to conversations with individual Jehovah's Witnesses. Not to attack them in their beliefs, but to work with them to find ways to deal with sexual abuse, in which the wishes and needs of victims are central.

We take the time for ourselves to read the content carefully and to think about how the outcomes recommendations can be given a further practical interpretation.

Again thanks a lot!


  • Active Jehovah's Witnesses here in the UK do not want to know the whole truth about Child Sexual Abuse in the Organization. I left the organization around two years ago and they all shun me now, they will not even say hello. So I am unable to warn any of them of the dangers. The work you are doing is very good because all people will see it and read it. Then people in your homeland can decide for themselves how they think about JW's. They will have the warnings, they will be shown the truth of what goes on in the Organization. Here in the UK the IICSA are doing an investigation, but the investigation does not look good as it mixes up different religions and other types of people. I do not think the UK investigation will be of use to the public as it will be just a general gols over, not a deep investigation into JW Org.

    • Here it is about (finally) "acknowledgment" that the victims of sexual (child) abuse, but unfortunately I have very close personal experience and experiences that outside the sexual (child) abuse there is also much similar injustice and abuse of power. inside the organisation.
      You can no longer call this incidental, but structural is what causes people to suffer traumas and to be abandoned.
      A condition that I find comparable to that described in Ezekiel 34.
      In my opinion, this organization does not work well for healthy personality development and healthy faith.
      Theory and practice are far apart, you learn good biblical principles, but in practice I have often experienced the opposite, especially of those from whom you can expect to be a good example of Christian maturity.
      I speak from my own experiences and that which I have seen and received very closely.
      Good examples of shepherds are more the exception than the rule.

      If you know all the facts and see how witnesses are held captive in a mind control system, you will realize that this organization cannot be compared to Noah's Ark, but rather to the Titanic.
      An older article on our website might be interesting.

      It is a shame that relatively few articles from this website have been translated into Dutch, but efforts are being made to improve this.
      If you can speak German well, you'll find more interesting articles there that can open your eyes to what the daylight (publicity) can't bear.

      If they repeatedly fail to explain prophecies, and certain teachings are demonstrably incorrect, is the claim that this organization is exclusively an organization led by God's Spirit?

      Did the ancient prophets have to constantly correct their prophecies and give an update with "new light"?
      What was that "old" light?
      A wandering light, right ... 🤔❓

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