Sexual abuse and willingness to report within the community of Jehovah's Witnesses


The research was commissioned by the Scientific Research and Documentation Center of the Ministry of Justice and Security that requested the research in response to a Second Chamber Motion of Van Nispen et al. (31015 No. 154). This motion (including the use of language) was the guiding principle for the WODC research question and therefore for our research.

For the research, experiences of Jehovah's witnesses and former Jehovah's witnesses of sexual abuse, which came in via an electronic contact point, were studied. In addition, ten in-depth interviews were conducted with victims and their relatives, the investigation team spoke with the Board of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Netherlands and a representative of the US headquarters, and a file inspection was conducted in a Kingdom Hall to assess how files are being built up and a discussion has been held with the Board of the Foundation Reclaimed Voices, dedicated to the victims of sexual abuse under Jehovah's witnesses. Subsequently, earlier (international) research on sexual abuse and closed communities, including the community of Jehovah's witnesses, was studied.

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See also the letter from Parliament Dekker following this report


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