Reclaimed Voices responds to Expert Opinion following Report from Utrecht University


Reclaimed Voices has taken note of the Expert Opinion written by three religious scientists at the request of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Netherlands. This opinion is part of the response of the Jehovah's Witnesses after they learned of the contents of the report Sexual abuse and willingness to report within the Jehovah's Witnesses community.

The response of the Jehovah's Witnesses, together with the Expert Opinion and the letter from Minister Dekker to the Lower House, can be found on the website of the National government.

There has been a lot of fuss among (former) Jehovah's Witnesses because these experts regularly defend all kinds of cults and sects. In our view, this fuss distracts from the Expert Opinion's content which deserves a serious substantive response. That is why a substantive response can be downloaded below:

Response from Reclaimed Voices on Expert Opinion (Dutch)

Reclaimed VoicesResponse to Expert Opinion (English)

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