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"Follow the voice of your heart and the universe will open doors where there were previously only walls"

Who am I and what kind of person do I want to be? Important questions that are central to my lessons. I'm Raymond Hintjes. In my daily life I work as a teacher of philosophy of life in secondary education. I have a background in theology and religious studies. I am very interested in meaning issues and the role that religion can play for people in this. Religion can be a constricting system that damages people, but for others it is a source of inspiration for social justice.

I see it as my moral responsibility to support the person who has been wronged and therefore I speak out against injustice. Reclaimed Voices offers me the opportunity to use meaningfully by giving a voice to those who had to remain silent

Raymond Hintjes, chairman, mail:

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"Together we are strong"

My name is Aswin Suierveld. I am a dreamer, idealist, non-conformist, nature lover, writer and eco-philosopher who nowadays mainly deals with issues related to sustainability and climate change.

From my experience in the past as Jehovah's Witness and subsequently my training in Theology-pastoral work, I hope to contribute to the Reclaimed Voices mission.

I have a strong sense of justice and believe that every child has the right to a safe environment. Telling and hearing your story is important in the processing of trauma and to be able to continue with your life. Your story counts too!

Aswin Suierveld, Secretary, mail:

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"Strength is not in conflict, but in liberation"

My name is Frank Huiting. I live in Groningen together with my family. I find my personal commitment within Reclaimed Voices important because of my experience expertise.

Reclaimed Voices shows that liberation is something you have to do yourself, but not just have to do it! Breaking the taboo, letting children grow up safely and giving victims of sexual abuse the feeling of being heard are my personal challenges in society!

Frank Huiting, treasurer, mail: