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"A bad person is always bad, but he is worst when he presents himself as a saint."
(Francis Bacon)

I am Pascal, manager and married to Saifon, without children.

I myself have never been a baptized witness to Jehovah, but after the death of my father, I have deeply studied 5 for years in their world, customs and doctrines. My fantastic mother finally left the organization after 34 years.

During that time I got to know friends there, sincere people who believe that they are doing God's will, but unfortunately also seen the dark side of the closed environment in which they live.

It is precisely for those who are silent that I am the chairman of Reclaimed Voices Have taken on Belgium.

I want to end with the words of Paul: "Everything is open and exposed before the eyes of Him to whom we must answer."

Pascal Mertens, chairman, mail:

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"If justice is lost, it makes no sense anymore for people to live on earth."
(Emannuel Kant)

I am Kurt, married and the dad of two grown-up sons. I provide for my living by working as a service technician.

From my background as a witness of Jehovah, during 48 years, I have a strong sense of how this organization is structured and deals with thorny issues such as child abuse.

From my childhood I have had a strong sense of justice and have always tried to be selfless in my fellow man, especially for those in a weaker position.

Reclaimed Voices offers me the opportunity to further fill in this vision of life. Especially for those who are in a vulnerable position, who are silenced and who struggle with oppressed and confused feelings.

I want to help these victims to find the right way for justice and justice to happen. Only in this way can they again experience the warmth of a sunbeam in their lives

Kurt de Kerf, secretary, mail:

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"Justice is the steadfast and lasting desire to give each its right"
(Emperor Justinian I)

Hey, I am Albina Moens, in my daily life I am an entrepreneur, activist in the LGBT community. After leaving the community of Jehovah's Witnesses, I am enjoying life and cherishing my regained freedom.

I hope with my commitment Reclaimed Voices can make a small contribution by showing people that a happy life is possible after the departure with the Jehovah's Witnesses. I myself was a victim of child abuse. As a woman, I hope to be a point of contact for other victims of abuse to be able to get justice together and to open the cover of the cover. My sense of justice gives me the energy to do this.

In the context of my past as a witness of Jehovah, I want to conclude with: "Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future."
By breaking the silence we are sinners in their eyes, then let me be a sinner ...

Albina Moens, treasurer, mail:

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"It's injustice I hate, not the Normans"
(The Adventures of Robin Hood)

Chairman Pascal about Patrick:

“When Patrick closed the door of the Kingdom Hall behind him in 2010, it was the end of 40 years as a witness to Jehovah. It was mainly the restrictions imposed on him, as an elder, from above to put the interests of a victim of abuse at the center that made him take this drastic decision.

So many years later, for countless ex-witnesses, Patrick was the man they could turn to when everyone turned their back on them.

Whoever wants to understand why things are the way they are with the Jehovah's Witnesses will listen breathlessly to his stories.

Both in Belgium and internationally, Patrick is considered to be one of the first to bring issues such as exclusion, abuse and manipulation to the attention of the press and the judiciary.

We, and many with us, are pleased to have him as one of the founding members of our team. "

Patrick Haeck, general board member, mail: