On Saturday 6 October we have manifested ourselves during one quiet peaceful protest presented.

You can read the manifest below. It can also be downloaded in PDF format in the Nederlands en English. We would like to invite you to add your name to the list of people who embrace the manifesto.
This can be done by filling in this form: Form embracing Protest

This manifesto is embraced by:

Eric van Oosterhout Mayor of Emmen The Netherlands
Attje Kuiken Member of Parliament PvdA The Netherlands
Michiel van Nispen Member of Parliament SP The Netherlands
Kathalijne Buitenweg Member of Parliament GroenLinks The Netherlands
Maud Kips Confidential advisor and board member at Vrouwenplatform Kerkelijk Kindermisbruik Rotterdam The Netherlands
Alexander Veerman PKN Reverend (promoted on sexual abuse [done by preachers] Sliedrecht The Netherlands
Anneke van Duin orthopedagogue, teacher and expert in the field of diagnostics sexual abuse of children Haren The Netherlands
Remy Jacobs spiritual carer, theater maker Rotterdam The Netherlands
Dilana Smith singer and ambassador Center against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking Emmen The Netherlands
Raymond Hintjes President Reclaimed Voices, teacher of philosophy of life Roermond The Netherlands
Aswin Suierveld Secretary Reclaimed Voices, existential counselor The Netherlands
Frank Huiting Treasurer Reclaimed Voices, experience expert, account manager Groningen The Netherlands
Ruud van Lieverloo specialist soil Roermond The Netherlands
de Vries Manager Rotterdam The Netherlands
James Winter Security guard Tilburg The Netherlands
Regina Soffree Sales employee advertising Radio Team Fm Ter Apel The Netherlands
Irma van der Laan Molenaar Doctor's assistant Lienden The Netherlands
Tabitha Wasbauer-Besselsen Entrepreneur, artist Malaga Spain
Jantiena Visser Housewife Beverwijk The Netherlands
AMSR Experience expert GGz Raalte The Netherlands
Mars the Guardian Telephonist Isala Zwolle The district The Netherlands
Sheridah the Friend-Debisarun
North scharwoude The Netherlands
Jolanda Van Roon Harlem The Netherlands
Kim Westerhof Nijmegen The Netherlands
Natasja van Otterloo Lochem The Netherlands
Peet Hensema Independent Baarle Nassau The Netherlands
Tabitha Mudde-Ships Experience expert GGZ Zwijndrecht The Netherlands
SM Schouten - Cage retired Gorinchem The Netherlands
Helen Travers Writer Melbourne Australia
Jason Wynne Galway ireland
Lynn Ragusa Medical Professional Utah USA
Veaney Arteaga Retired San Luis Potosi Mexico
Ronald Leentvaar Antwerp Belgium
Judith Evers Communications adviser Hilversum The Netherlands
annet playground Trainer Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse among others within churches Edam The Netherlands
Daan Pel Student Laren The Netherlands
Luuk Pel Schoolboy Laren The Netherlands
Guido Israel Anarchist Apeldoorn The Netherlands
Michel Andeweg Entrepreneur Antwerp Belgium
Rango A Patchik Medical Interpreter / Phone Agent Harvard, IL USA
Susan Gaskin Activist Laval, QC Canada
Vicki Tilden Retired day care and healthcare worker Jacksonville, Florida US
Hadassah Wiersma The Hague The Netherlands
Vlora Krasniqi Student Social Work Rotterdam The Netherlands
Astrid van Oorschot surrender of sexual abuse Emmen The Netherlands
Anne Horticultural sector The Hague The Netherlands
Pattie Osborne Retired RN Alturas, CA USA
Stefaan De Grave Planner calculator Zingem Belgium
Nathan Wiersma Event Director Amsterdam The Netherlands
Emilie Scholtens Coach, trainer & consultant The Hague The Netherlands
Stefan Scholtens Marketing Manager / Relationship Builder Rotterdam The Netherlands
Khyran Herklots IT Architect Infrastructure / Cloud Tilburg The Netherlands
Jolanda van Roon Harlem The Netherlands
Marloes at Grotenhuis Arnhem The Netherlands
Sander Boon Arnhem The Netherlands
Marianne the Guardian Cruise Manager Rotterdam The Netherlands
JoeL Schirtzinger Retired Pensacola, Florida USA
Wendy Coersen Dog behavioral expert Doetinchrm The Netherlands
Tabitha Essers Asten The Netherlands
Jesse Jeremy Writer / poet Lelystad The Netherlands
kriekemans linda without a job Ingelmunster Begia
Jennie swets Employee company Camps The Netherlands
Marjo Markx Nurse Schiedam The Netherlands
Bart van Gasteren Postman Why us? The Netherlands
Little wilting pensjonist Hoksund Norway
Rebekka van der Schoor Warehouse employee Medemblik The Netherlands
Lydia Peeters Calibration Engineer Ridderkerk The Netherlands
Dave Blummel Multimedia Designer / Webdesigner Gemert The Netherlands
Nick Bolleboom Service engineer Leidschendam The Netherlands
Sofia Scheepbouwer van der Wielen Evv Dordrecht The Netherlands
Wouter Scheepbouwer Helping elderly people Dordrecht The Netherlands
Jennifer Nurturing IG Dordrecht The Netherlands